24k Gold Under Eye Gel Mask – Anti Ageing Wrinkle Bag Remover (20 Pieces)


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A longtime favourite of makeup artists, celebrities and skin care enthusiasts, these under eye gel masks visibly improve elasticity, puffiness, dark circles, fine lines and wrinkles using science-backed ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, 24K gold extract and collagen for an awakened glow.

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Amber K

I've suffered all my life from hereditary bags and dark circles but I no longer have to because these take care of all that. I tried every product on market under the sun and these are the only ones that keep my eyes looking refreshed and youthful! My dark circles are almost entirely gone and the bags are completely gone!


I’m 59 and I originally ordered these for fun, really not expecting much. But it turns out they work! I keep them next to my bed and put them on every single morning for about a year or more now. They feel very soothing on my puffy dry under eyes and I look forward to the relief. When they get dry and crinkly, in 15-20 minutes or so, I know my skin has absorbed the product. The packaging is a little messy when you’re removing them but I’ve gotten used to it. The price is great for the amount you get. I highly recommend these for anyone who wakes with puffy eyes.

C. Blake

I took a chance on these to help get rid of my dark circles/lines/puffiness around my eyes! And it works! I'm also a 40 year old man but I look much better rested now and healthier. At first I was skeptical but now they are just part of my evening routine. You need to use them consistently.. Every night and use all of them. At the end you will see they really worked. This is my second pack I'm on now. Works really good for the puffiness. I really like that after having them on for 20 or so minutes you can see on them that they have been absorbed by your skin. Also the smell of them is amazing!! I'm going to always use these. Also try out retinol cream that has also helped my face/eyes a lot!!


My dark circles have gotten better thanks to these

Willa L.

I didn’t have a problem with keeping the pads in place and no burning under my eyes. I put them in the fridge and they feel great! The reduction in puffiness probably has nothing to do with the serum but more the cold pad sitting on my skin for an extended period of time but either way, they’re great!

Ginger Witch

These are nice. Soothing and hydrating.


I've ordered these before. My fave puffy eye remedy. They feel so good and really wakes your eyes up. No problem at all with them staying in place


These are soooooo fantastic! They leave your eyes feeling refreshed and relaxed. I don’t have bags, but my 68 yr old mother says they worked amazingly for hers. She even asked me for extras. I use these both at home and in my business during facials and other spa services. I used to use some high end 100% collagen eye pads from a professional line, but honestly these work just as well at a fraction of the price. I also like the texture of the jelly on these more than the expensive professional ones. Highly recommend for both professional and home use.


Must have under eye moisturizing eye masks. Had a stressful day, put on these eye masks, shut your eyes and relax for 20-30 minutes. These eye masks are a must have. I like to put the masks in the freezer and then put them on for just an extra kick. They soothe puffiness under the eye and really reduce the appearance of lines. Great for sleepovers, bachelorette/bachelor parties, weekly eye routine, beauty time, etc.. Go ahead and pamper yourself, you deserve it!

Annemarie Zelvaggio

I purchased these for Christmas as stocking stuffers & yes - I stuck a few in my own stocking & man-o-man am I so glad I did or what! They're super refreshing & makes your face feel like it has new skin. Cannot say enough great things about this product!!

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24k Gold Under Eye Gel Mask – Anti Ageing Wrinkle Bag Remover (20 Pieces)