UV LED Nail Dryer Lamp For Gel Manicure & Pedicure


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Cure any type of gel nail polish (Base Coat, Top Coat, Color Gel, Hard Gels, Builder, Acrylic, Sculpture Gel, Gem Glue, etc.) with this salon-grade UV LED Nail Lamp. Our nail dryer lamp features an automatic on/off sensor and 3 timer settings to take your manicure and pedicure experience to a whole new level.

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Love this lamp! I’m an at home user for gel polish and gel extensions. I’ve used separate UV and LED lamps which is kind of a pain to have to keep switching between the two and not to mention the space they take up. Step in this lamp! My previous lamps were lower wattage so I decided to purchase a big wattage one, and I’m glad I did! I love the faster 30 second curing time with Madam Glam polishes and En Vogue color gels, and minute curing with En Vogue Sculpting hard gel; I have three young children (6, 4 and 3 month old) so I rarely get any time for myself and when I do I need to do the things I want fast! I also love the fact that it’s two in one with the type of gel you can cure (LED and UV) so really you only need one lamp which is this one. Being able to detach the bottom is also great for when doing gel polish on toes. The way the lights are placed inside also makes for an even curing- I’ve had lamps where the lights were just on top and he sides of my nails didn’t cure all the way. Oh and it fits your whole hand perfectly! With other lamps usually you have to cure the thumb separately but not this one! All in all I highly recommend this lamp to both home users and I would say even salon techs. Another great bonus is the affordability and the fact that unlike traditional lamps you don’t have to change the bulbs (which would result in longer curing times when the bulbs would grow weaker from usage).


It works great, cured my nails with a uv gel polish




Hi! I bought this months ago and finally mustered up enough courage to use this thing. I followed the drying directions and was able to do my first gel manicure with no fuss. Oh and here’s a tip- if the gel polish looks a bit thick warm in between your hands or sit the bottle (closed of course) in a little Luke warm water ... it’s super easy to spread after that.


Would highly recommend this product!


I absolutely love this thing. I spent a long time agonizing over what to buy. For size reference my hand is a medium (disregard the terrible nails lol they’re growing out) it does a great job with my nails! Most people think the strength is within capacity of wattage which is partially true but it’s also in product you use. I’ve used different types of polish which chip fast and others not so much. The size isn’t too big and not too small. Fits my whole hand without me worrying if I’m gonna hot the back or if it isn’t gonna get my nail. I focused on making sure I got one with lights all around on the inside with a reflective bottom to make sure it got every angle of my hand and this one for the search! I absolutely love it and it’s been a few months since purchase and it’s working phenomenally. However I still haven’t learned when I’m on the 24w vs 48 but I believe the higher wattage gets brighter as I just played with it more today lol. Will update if there’s any issues. Pictures I took are attached if anyone is curious!!


Im a licensed cosmetologist and I was looking for something light and easy to do my gel nails at home. I’m so impress by the quality of this product! The lamp cures the gel polish so well and fast! Lightweight and easy to storage anywhere! LOVE IT!!!!


At the salon I worked they use the same as this one, it always work pretty well, so valuable for the price!!

songguan Chen

I am a professional nail tech and this lamp is fabulous. i love the cushion top to rest the clients hand on and the time settings and how silent and quickly this lamp works it is magical. i recommend it highly and it works with both uv and led polishes what more could you ask for.

Baruch B

I loveeeee this lamp. It was so worth the $60. Even though I’ve only had it for 2 days it works amazing. The first day I used it on my toes with modelones and it cured in 30 seconds. Day 2 I used my Burano polygel kit and it cures the polygel very fast because of the 48W. If you’re a beginner like me this is a good lamp to invest in. Especially if you use dual forms and you need to quickly put your hand in the lamp, it starts to cure IMMEDIATELY. Overall I love this lamp.

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UV LED Nail Dryer Lamp For Gel Manicure & Pedicure